New Year's Resolution: Get your rings cleaned & checked every 3 months!

Meet our Staff

Brian Holman, Owner


Brian Holman is the owner of Holman Jewelers. He’s been working at Holman Jewelers since 1985. Brian attended South Haven Christian High School and went to college at UTK. He began doing jewelry and watch repair work in his early teens. He has been appraising jewelry for over twenty years. Over the years Brian has continued to educate himself as a professional jeweler to ensure he’s able to answer customer questions... If you have questions about jewelry, Brian has the answers. 

Celeste Holland, Manager


Celeste Holland worked at Holman Jewelers while attending Springfield High School. After graduating from high school, Celeste attended Vol State Community College and graduated with a liberal arts degree. Celeste returned to Holman Jewelers in 1978 and has worked here continuously since then. Celeste handles many of the administrative roles for the business and is also a very knowledgeable resource for her customers. 

Russell Holman, Jeweler


Russell Holman started working at Holman Jewelers while attending high school at South Haven. After graduating high school Russell pursued other endeavors for several years before enrolling in Gem City College & Nashville State Tech to obtain a degree in gemology. Russell returned to work for Holman Jewelers in 1991 and has worked as a jewelry repairman since then. Russell’s main focus with Holman Jewelers has been jewelry repair, but he is also knowledgeable about the industry and can answer your questions. 



"... a great actor is only as strong as his supporting cast"

At Holman Jewelers, we have been blessed to be surrounded by encouraging and hard-working employees who really feel more like family. As a family-owned and operated business we know about the importance of family, community, and feeling like your work matters. 

Because we have been so blessed, we feel obligated to be a blessing to others. In fact, at Holman Jewelers it has been a long standing tradition to give back to the community. In addition to local philanthropy, we are currently involved with the non-profit organization Jewelers for Children

If you have questions about our philanthropic efforts, please email us at


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